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15.07.2013: Updated the Endless Results with news from Eurocup in Poland: Eurocup Results 1997-2013

05.01.2013: A prosperous new Carrom Year has begun! In South Germany today there is a traditional club tournament and the summer will bring us first Carrom Eurocup in Poland! 17th ECC Eurocup will be held 2013 from 20th to 24th June in Warsaw.
Last before the end of the year 2012 the Media gallery of 16th Eurocup in Darmstadt has been updated, the webmaster had technical problems and he apologizes hereby for the long time to wait for the 196 photos and 10 videos in our Eurocup 2012 Media gallery:   Photos  |  Videos

26.07.2012: Rankings of 16th Carrom Eurocup are completely online now. Additionally at Youtube you find some videos of final matches. The photo gallery is still under construction ...

18.06.2012: An eventful tournament weekend with much tension and fun is completed now. Also in this way a heartly Thanks to all involved and especially to the members of Carrom Club Darmstadt for arrangement of Eurocup 2012. Tournament process runned perfectly, housing and tournament venue were superb and framework programm was excellent.
All round results, rankings and pictures of last Eurocup weekend will be published here as soon as possible.
Main results for short: [Link/page deleted]

13.06.2012: If you have any questions while your journey to Darmstadt, please call our [Link/page deleted]. Live reporting during the event for everyone left at home: Check our Facebook page ...

03.06.2012: Players list of 16th Eurocup is up to date.
Exactly 100 players from 11 nations are registered now.

23.05.2012: Players list of 16th Eurocup is up to date. 97 players are registered now. Registrations are still possible.

21.05.2012: Added two new players from Spain and Slovenia at players list of 16th Eurocup. It's first time that 10 countries participating at Carrom Eurocup!

06.05.2012: Players list of 16th Eurocup is up to date.

02.05.2012: Thanks to all supporters of Carrom Euro Cup 2012, especially to Enerco Systems, the Official Sponsor of German Carrom national team.

17.04.2012: Players list of 16th Eurocup is up to date.

09.04.2012: We are very happy to welcome Mr. Horst Simunsky from Czech Republic as the Chief Referee at Eurocup event in Germany. There are 66 days left to the start of 16th Carrom Eurocup. Watch the still updated registered players list. 2nd round of registration started last days. So we published sleftome informations about the tournament boards at page Materials.

06.04.2012: Read the greetings [Link/page deleted] of Elisa Martinelli, Arif Naqvi and Joerg Kijanski.

22.03.2012: We had some wrong informations about remittance of entry fees at the website. Please read the new entry fee informations. [Link/page deleted]

10.03.2012: Mode of final matches are online now. Furthermore the schedule of Eurocup weekend is completed.

09.03.2012: By the way – the 6th World Carrom Championship would be held from 31st October to 4th November 2012 in a great Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

19.02.2012: Added some important informations of Team Event at page Modus.

12.02.2012: Added the new Eurocup2012 logo and some pictures from Darmstadt at start page.

06.02.2012: Orga Team is updated.

05.02.2012: The website is online now.

29.01.2012: All results and media of Eurocup 2007 in Dortmund is available at!

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