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Liebe Carromfreunde,

es war uns ein großes Vergnügen, Euch im Auftrag der European
Carrom Confederation (ECC) zum 16. Carrom Eurocup
vom 14. bis 18. Juni 2012 in Darmstadt begrüßen zu dürfen.


v   Grußworte vom DCV-Präsidenten Jörg Kijanski

Dear Friends,

on behalf of all members of the German Carrom Federation I heartfelt welcome all participants of the 16th Eurocup which will be held this year in Darmstadt. The members of the GCF, under the successful guidance of Carrom Club Darmstadt, did their very best to make the tournament memorable – including delightful food, lodging and entertainment.

I'm sure, that the Eurocup 2012 will be another stunning event for the European Carrom Confederation and I'm really glad that you all will take part. The Eurocup 2012 will be a great landmark in the european history of carrom and also a powerful impact to promote our famous game.

I wish to thank all friends, players and especially our sponsors who contributed in a different ways to make this tournament possible.

Good luck to all players, enjoyment and a nice stay in Darmstadt. I hope, that we’ll see many Slams. White or black? It doesn't even matter!

Jörg Kijanski
German Carrom Federation

v   Grußworte vom ECC | Arif Naqvi and Elisa Martinelli

Welcome to 16th Carrom Euro Cup 2012

Dear friends,

On behalf of the European Carrom Confederation we welcome all the participants of the 16th Carrom Euro Cup at Darmstadt, Germany. We are sure that this Euro Cup will be a great milestone for the progress of this game in Europe.

Sixteen years ago when we decided to establish the European Carrom Confederation (E.C.C.), we knew that it will be a long path to build a strong Carrom family in Europe. But thanks to the attraction of this game we find lovers of Carrom all over Europe today. The game is attracting a vast section of people. The European Carrom Confederation enjoys the support of the Carrom federations/associations in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. The Carrom federations of these countries organize large number of activities including their national and regional tournaments and other promotional activities. Some other countries will hopefully soon be joining us in the near future.

During the past years not only the standard of the game of Carrom has has increased significantly in Europe and our players have been able to face the top players of the world, but it is playing a very significant role in society, particularly for the healthy development of the youth and children. Carrom is also gradually getting recognition by the media. Today we find large number of Carrom websites all over Europe. We thank them for their selfless services for the cause of Carrom.

Let the 16th Carrom Euro Cup in Darmstadt, be another great milestone and a grand meeting of the European family of Carrom. Let us show our excellence, excellent performances in the matches, learn from each others talents and experiences and utilize great opportunities for building friendship and understanding among the players.

We especially welcome the players of Sweden who will be taking part for the first time in an Euro Cup. We thank to the German Carrom Federation and the Carrom Club of Darmstadt for hosting the 16th Euro Cup on a grand level. We are sure that all participants of the 16th Euro Cup will give them a warm hand of cooperation.

We thank all those friends who have supported the 16th Euro Cup and are helping to make it a memorable tournament. Let the 16th Euro Cup be a trial for the 6th World Championship, which is due to be held this year from 31st October to 4th November 2012 in Sri Lanka. The better you will perform here, the more you will guarantee that the European players will be having better positions in the World Championship. Let the European flag be high in Asia also.

Arif Naqvi, Berlin, President E.C.C.
Elisa Martinelli, Rome, Secretary General E.C.C.


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